Christmas at the Center

Posted by Logan Gruber - January 30, 2013 - News - 1 Comment
The Seafarers Center and it’s friends celebrated the Christmas season with a gathering on January 3rd in the basement of the Center. Many residents, friends, volunteers past and present and community members showed up, totaling around 25 people!

Many brought dishes to share including some very delicious deserts. Main courses were provided by the Director, Tom Anderson, along with friend Jerome, resident Soobin and others. Everyone pitched in to set the tables for our meal, and many brought gifts to share in our gift exchange.

Soobin brought some of his fellow Korean exchange students from UMD to join in on the fun. ┬áThere was a lot of story sharing and laughing going on all night. When the gift exchange happened, everyone took a number and chose gifts in order, and could even ‘steal’ gifts from people who had a lower number and had chosen first. Everyone ended up satisfied with a smile on their face.

Merry Christmas to all!


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  • Tom Anderson says:

    Great pictures! Thank you Soobin and others who contributed the fine pictures, and to you Logan for the nice format and the good work. . I’ll email our volunteers and board about this
    new addition to our website.

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